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Cold Fusion Site Programmer $1000 - $2499 (1319574)... Worldwide $1000 9:15 PM DesignQuote
Gymventory iOS Android Developer $15,000 - (1319426)... Worldwide $15,00 4:00 PM DesignQuote
Logo Pro Childhood Dev Training $1000 - $2499 (1319428)... Worldwide $1000 4:00 PM DesignQuote
Financial Company Logo $1000 - $2499 (1319427)... Worldwide $1000 4:00 PM DesignQuote
Education Website Revamp $7,500 - $9,999 (1316715)... Worldwide $7,500 10:30 AM DesignQuote

NM ... 4:45 PM
Writes relational and multidimensional database SQL queries; Database systems integration, quality assurance procedures, and documentation of data sets;...
City of Las Cruces,
NM ... 10:15 PM
Proposal Writer Duties: Proposal Writer creates, modifies and maintains business development proposals for the GNI business development team. This position is
... $ 8:45 PM GAF
To enter data from 40 medium length typed up interviews in to ATLAS.ti and analyse it (Budget: £20 - £250 GBP, Jobs: Coding)
... $30 8:45 PM GAF
This is an information gathering research project. Research an outreach organization via their website, or any other information you can find. After researc
... $10- 10:15 PM GAF
Alter some Images (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Mac OS, Photoshop)
... $250- 10:15 PM GAF
i will give you all details private (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Android, Game Design, Game Development, Mobile Phone, Unity 3D)
... $ 1:00 AM GAF
Need a visually stunning animated instagram photo / video wall. This photo wall will be put up on a large display visible to a large audience. Hence the animati
... $10- 10:15 PM GAF
Im looking for someone to attend an appointment at an Apple Store. I have a faulty iPhone which is under Apple warranty, need someone to attend an appointmen
... $10- 8:45 PM GAF
The main idea of the project is to develop an Bluetooth honeypot which emulates android wear devices. Design Goals Honeypot can connect over bluetooth with an
... $ 1:00 AM GAF
I want to build a static website using HTML5, CSS3, BOOTSTRAP and Javascript or Angularjs for Animation effect. I have PSD ready but also open to new ideas. Im
... $3000- 8:45 PM GAF
Looking for some one who can built a good interactive, air ticketing website. (Budget: $3000 - $5000 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, Website Design)
... $250- 1:00 AM GAF
I need someone to create a programer so I can create a database (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Graphic Design, HTML, PHP, Website Design)
... $100- 10:15 PM GAF
We have one site with internal "database" and user can search those data by enter keywords in search box. Unfortunately, the displaying speed
... $30- 10:15 PM GAF
want to build a online store , to sell product. eCommerce web site (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: eCommerce, Google App Engine, HTML, Shopping Carts, Website D
... $1500- 1:00 AM GAF
Requirments: 1.) Work Full Time (8 hours a day) 2.) Fast PC and Net to make calls from internet> 3.) Must want to work Full Time & must want t
... $ 1:15 AM GAF
We want to know the best techniques in processing seaweed to be high quality semi-refined carrageenan and refined carrageenan, with application to food and non-
... $1500- 10:15 PM GAF
Develop a free application for users to post their travel (both urban and intercity) and can be contacted by other users who want to make the same trip. The ide
... $30- 1:00 AM GAF
We would like an experienced 3D modeler to create a rigged and textured (simple) model of a CRESCO aeroplane based on the supplied images. The representativ
... $30- 1:15 AM GAF
Superimpose products on backgrounds to create Instagram pictures. Freelancer should work well in Photoshop, photo manipulation and have great eyes for shadows.
... $30- 1:00 AM GAF
Put together kickstarter campaign for my startup. Website is (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Internet Marketing, Marketing)
... $750- 1:00 AM GAF
1.) You must be able to work USA hours: 10:00 am to 7:00 pm Dallas Texas Time 2.) You must speak and understand english 3.) You must have fast net an
... $10 8:45 PM GAF
Q1) Describe a good algorithm for concatenating two singly linked lists L and M into a single list L’ that contains all the nodes of L followed by all the nodes
... $ 1:15 AM GAF
I need a logo designed.Im a tiles trader. I want two logos for my brand and some box designs (Budget: ?600 - ?1500 INR, Jobs: Graphic Design, Logo Design)
... $ 1:00 AM GAF
Need powerpoint presentation about our company in brief,attractive showing growth of company ... (Budget: ?600 - ?1500 INR, Jobs: Branding, Corporate Identity
... $10- 1:15 AM GAF
I need some graphic design.I will supply you with a mock ad. I need you to make an ad that is the same in hi resolution for wide format print. I will need to
... $10- 8:45 PM GAF
I need a STL file for my design so I can 3d print it. My design is simple and similar to a hair comb as in this link -
... $30- 10:15 PM GAF
I have a floor plan with measurements on an attachment that I need on a CAD file. I also need some additional features added once it is on a CAD file. Thanks (
... $30- 10:15 PM GAF
You will enter into Excel the PDF race charts for all 147 runnings of the Belmont Stakes. The result will be a spreadsheet with 5 tabs, the largest of which wil
... $10- 1:15 AM GAF
Create a product index for a price list. I have written down all codes required for the index (see attached) - this task will require someone to go through th
... $30- 8:45 PM GAF
I need an SEO expert to push some negative feedback remarks which were misconstrued and reported from 2011 and 2013 which are undermining all the positive feedb
... $10- 1:15 AM GAF
Hi, I need someone who already worked with the google API to build a module which will store the data I want into a MySQL database. Can work either on a server
... $750- 8:45 PM GAF
Hello , I need a very reliable expert who has been working on advertising health and beauty products with good results . I need free classified ads and social
... $250- 10:15 PM GAF
I am looking to have a website built that will generate income. I am open to ideas. If you have experience building income generating websites please reach ou
... $250- 8:45 PM GAF
I need to install Chamilo LMS 1.10.6 in my new Google Cloud Platform and then transfer the courses from an older version (1.10.4) to the new version (1.10.6).
... $30- 8:45 PM GAF
I am looking for a fulltime web developer to partner with. I have a US based company which is growing rapidly. I need to find a reliable person or team with ski
... $750- 1:00 AM GAF
I have an excellent software development firm already building a desktop, mobile, and back-end project with me. I need someone to help me manage the process and
... $5000- 1:15 AM GAF
I need an iPhone app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. Need front end and backend development of an MVP for initial round of fundi
... $30- 8:45 PM GAF
Multi Level (binary) membership management software – Phase 1 Build a web base admin function to for a large scale multi level marketing (binary) membership s
... $30- 10:15 PM GAF
I am looking for a nearly identical theme and style to www thisiswhyimbroke dot com Please even upload their logos and even include 3 or 4 sample products from
... $250- 10:15 PM GAF
I need someone who can create locksmith category google business listing without existing address (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: Google Maps API)
... $3000- 10:15 PM GAF
i need someone who can create or teach me a method to create locksmith google business listings (Budget: $3000 - $5000 USD, Jobs: Google Maps API)
... $10- 1:00 AM GAF
I need an Online Reputation Management (ORM) for 4 keyword. See PDF file attached. If you cant complete the full package for the price I listed, please do not
... $14- 8:45 PM GAF
Open excel document - password protected (ex employee) as attached (Budget: $14 - $30 NZD, Jobs: Excel)
... $10- 8:45 PM GAF
I have multiple websites that I need increased traffic to. I am marketing a lot of products, and the traffic is needed. In addition to whatever traffic generati
... $ 1:00 AM GAF
I need a webservices for push notification in IOS and Android using Example - Notify a user of new messages or events even when the user is not activ
... $10- 8:45 PM GAF
I am looking for a python expert to help me create a python(v2.7.11 run on Mac) script that can automatically open the links from googles search result(with a k
... $30- 1:00 AM GAF
YOU WILL DO TWO THINGS: US AND THAILAND 1. you will find sponsorships for road trip travels and photo work within the US. Opportunities for taking photos in t
... $ 10:15 PM GAF
I need a meat products supplier or someone who can look for one. (Budget: ?650 - ?1100 PHP, Jobs: Supplier Sourcing)
... $ 1:00 AM GAF
Need to develop a graphically rich WPF desktop application based on an existing architecture, that uses Entity Framework, MVVM, WCF and WS. The solution will
... $ 1:00 AM GAF
This is a homebased Sales staff for on line selling.Must have experience in sales techniques and be keen to learn.Experience in selling meat including beef an
... $30- 8:45 PM GAF
Hi freelancers, I build a SEO agency website. I need a people to sale my services using any internet marketing techniques. I already tried adwords and bingad
... $5 1:00 AM GAF
I need someone to post on Facebook groups for me on a weekly basis. I will provide more details in chat message. My budget is about $5 per week. this is an ongo
... $250- 8:45 PM GAF
Propose a campaign and design and implement social media marketing content. (Budget: $250 - $750 AUD, Jobs: Facebook Marketing, Google Plus, Pinterest, Social
... $100 10:15 PM GAF
Continuance of previous software development (Budget: $100 USD, Jobs: PHP, Software Architecture)
... $250- 1:00 AM GAF
Structural Calculation for a steel structure (Budget: $250 - $750 USD, Jobs: AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, CAD/CAM, Civil Engineering, Engineering)
... $15- 8:45 PM GAF
Hoosh Marketing é uma startup australiana baseada em Sydney, que oferece soluções de Automação de Marketing e Tecnologia -> Busca
... $30- 1:00 AM GAF
Id like the offset command in autocad modified so that grouped objects and wblocks are offset too. A rotation option for grouped objects, single objects and wb
... $10- 10:15 PM GAF
I will need some sort of script that takes a folder full of .mp3 files names and converts them into the same bitrate into .ogg Then i will need a script tha
... $ 1:15 AM GAF
I need you to write about ICT experience and where and how you have learnt the knowledge. The companies that you worked at can be made up and the IT experience
... $ 8:45 PM GAF
Im looking for someone to build me an app using face recognition technology. Photoshop skills are a Must. No Indian bidders please. (Bud
... $30- 10:15 PM GAF
An android endless runner game. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: Android, Mobile Phone)
... $30- 10:15 PM GAF
I need Android verison of iOS app, it should be able to update event using JSON API and receive Push Notification when new event is added. User will be able to
... $1500- 8:45 PM GAF
A friend location app which uses Google Maps and shows friends on a map. (Budget: $1500 - $3000 AUD, Jobs: iPhone, Mobile Phone)
... $30- 8:45 PM GAF
Hi, I am looking for Guidewire professional. I need some one to help me during the interview. (Budget: $30 - $250 USD, Jobs: PHP, Software Architecture)
... $30- 10:15 PM GAF
My site was taken down by bots. I just paid someone to get it back online, to optimize it, and setup cloud fare but the website is still not functional because
... $10- 1:15 AM GAF
Windows Java (Budget: $10 - $30 USD, Jobs: Java, Software Architecture, Windows Desktop)
... $30- 10:15 PM GAF
Xero data input + reconciliation to bank account. Simple project to convert Excel spreadsheet of a single bank account into Xero system (already set up) + ens
... $ 1:00 AM GAF
we need this logo changed so it can be printed 30mm x 45mm (Budget: £10 - £20 GBP, Jobs: Graphic Design, Logo Design)
... $ 1:00 AM GAF
i have a app i need to remove backgroud paly video, also send push notification to user for rss feed notification, (Budget: ?12500 - ?37500 INR, Jobs: Android,
... $ 1:15 AM GAF
JOIN THE BIGGEST RETAIL BUSINESS REVOLUTION WITH TTOMPL 1)Do you want to join with me a business which can give you complete financial freedom? 2)Do
... $10- 1:00 AM GAF
Log and letterhead for fioranoltd (Budget: $10 - $30 AUD, Jobs: Graphic Design, Logo Design)
... $30- 10:15 PM GAF
I am running a apparel shop. Hence i need to make a website for it (Budget: $30 - $250 CAD, Jobs: .NET, Photoshop)

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